About Us

Founded as Capitol Consultants, LLC in 2017, Meridian535 was created to fill a void in tailored consultancy services in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, and high-tech fields.  With most DC firms focusing on a diverse range of clients/projects, pursing client volume over in-depth client collaboration or merely focusing on “access” over substance, Meridian535 saw an opening to add value in a crowded market.  We pride ourselves on being TARGETED, TAILORED, and FOCUSED.  We aim to truly understand our clients (their needs and their strengths) and help them put their best foot forward, not merely open doors or offer “counsel.” 

Smart strategy. Detailed execution. Key insights. Telling your story in a way that breaks through. Building coalitions so you are not standing alone.  That is what we do.

Headed by Ryan Crumpler, and supported by a team of highly skilled practitioners, Meridian535 offers clients custom-tailored strategic counsel on a wide range of national security, business, policy, and political matters.